Thursday, May 17, 2012

Published Pieces for Underwater New York Flash Fiction

I had some pieces published online feel free to check them out.  These were written in response to a call for submissions from Underwater NY.  They try to pair writing with a photo/description of a random object that was discovered near a body of water.  All my entries were accepted, which is kind of neat (but also a little disheartening because I wonder if they actually rejected anything).  My favorite entry was the lottery ticket one.

The following items made it:
Item: A wounded seal named Gowanda
Story: Gowanda's Sacrifice - a request made to a magic seal

Item: Silicone Breasts
Story: Way To Freedom - a woman seeks redemption

Item: Doll Heads
Story: Of Dreams And Dolls - s story in three short scenes

Item: A bag of lottery tickets
Story: The Wrong Numbers  - reflections on a relationship that didn't work out.

Item: An 1897 Pocket Watch
Story: Waiting

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