Who am I?

Without getting into a metaphysical discussion about the essence of being, I'm a man of many interests. By trade, I'm an actuary.  But thou shalt not confine me to a cube and a computer terminal

I reside in Minnesota with my wife and two children.

I love life in all of its lumpy splendor. 

I'm an eternal optimist and fan of faith. 

Humor has yet to elude me.

My soul is alive when I'm outside.  I'll hunt, fish, hike, and camp in any place in any weather.

Having grown to the upper eschelon of human heights, I have had basketball play a huge role in my life. 

I played D3 hoops at the University of St. Thomas, in St. Paul MN. (I'm in the bottom left)
I currently officiate high school basketball.  I love the game.

And I write.  I love stories.  I love well crafted words. And it is with all reverence and humility that I venture into this wilderness.

Why am I competitive?

The Competitive Writer started after I won an essay contest sponsored by Minnesota Monthly Magazine.  I won a 5 pound nutroll and some Minnesotan trinkets, but the thrill of the victory stuck with me.  Since then, I have found competitions offer me the ability to exercise the creative muscles in my brain without requiring a 24/7 commitment. 

Contests are peculiar creatures, and they seem to keep multiplying.  It is my hope that I can provide a resource to the wayward writer trying to find their way through the labyrinth.

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Writing Accomplishments:

Winner of Minnesota Monthly's True Minnesotan Essay Contest
Winner of FanStory.com's New Arrival's Contest
Selected for the Marco Polo Literary Magazine's 100 x 100
Shortlisted on The Writer's Village 2012 Contest

Publications (Fiction)
Published "The Butler's Waltz" in The Binnacle
Published in From The Depths
Published in Underwater NY

Publications (NonFiction)
Toastmasters and the Core Competency Framework
The Athletic Actuary

Other Projects