Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Joining Another Competition Site

I'm coming up on a year with FanStory.  It's been great, but as I'm trying to become acquainted with the competitive writing universe, I'm expanding my horizons and trying another site that offers multiple competitions a year.

For about $7/month I've joined CreativeCompetitor.  (Hopefully I can win one and cover my dues)Expect a review about 6 months from now.  They don't offer as many competitions as FanStory, and there is no peer review element.  However, there is a lot of great content.

For example here's an article where they talk about their judging process.

I also liked what they have to say about how to win a writing competition
"To win a writing competition, all it takes is the ability to create a strong story line, to be able to take the basic story and to weave a realistic plot around it, to introduce characters that seem larger than life and to be able to follow the rules, writing with sincerity and integrity."

My first task - write a story based on this guy

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