Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Writing be damned

One writing competition was all it took to infect me with the writing bug. 

I cannot do my normal job any more.

I rob souls for character traits.
Food tastes like metaphors.

I spend nights awake agonizing over openers.

There are thousands of sites with writing advice.

There are thousands of writing competitions.

I haven't found a site dedicated to writing advice specifically devoted to people in writing competitions.

Every day someone is submitting a contest entry.  I want to be their resource. I want to be THE resource for competitive writers like me.

I want to deliver engaging content. I want my writing to be top notch.  I want to write with credibility.

The course offered by damnfinewords looks like the way to start. 

Right now, no one knows I am here. A blog without followers is like a bar without drinkers- pointless and pathetic.

I've slaved away at creating content for the site, and here it sits in the vast wasteland of the web's wilderness waiting for someone to find it. 

If some straggler happens by, I want them to be so gripped that they have to come back. With friends.

It's getting lonely out here.


  1. That's great - I had no idea competitive writing was a career path....
    Good luck,

  2. Thanks Jackie - I do believe that while I am not the first pioneer I am the first to catalog the trip, call me the Lewis and Clarke of the writing world.

  3. Fan-freakin-tastic, Nate! Congratulations on your 5-pound nut roll, and I couldn't agree more about the pathetic-ness of a bar with no drinkers. Cheers to you! ;-)

    1. Rena - congrats on the win! I put a post on your blog.