Thursday, January 12, 2012

FanStory - Nonfiction Contest-End Heightism

Here is my entry. 

Here is the winner.  A bit longer than mine and on a more emotional note.  I also noticed a few sloppy typos on my entry.  Dang it, gotta tighten up!.

My piece is converted from a humorous speech I did very well with in Toastmasters.  In retrospect, the speech "Smack Talk"  was too complicated and needed to be simplified  (see video below).  Stay tuned - I may start a similar blog, or at least do a couple articles on competitive speaking.


  1. Excellent job Nate! This really had me in stitches, especially in the ways that I can relate to "Heightism". Way to get a standing ovation!!! Encore!

    Jenn Tschimperle