Saturday, February 13, 2016

2016 Gameplan

Hello internets.  I know I have not been giving you the attention you deserve.  I've been busy. I've changed jobs, and life on the home front has required me to give a little more attention to the fam and a little less attention elsewhere.  I hope you understand.  I plan to make it up to you though.

More Writing Resources!

First - I've added a new resource in the links side of the page. Christopher Fielden, welcome. Dr. Yeoman sent out an email for a blog post about 7 mistakes people make when entering writing contests. The article is on Chris Fielden's website, and although I don't know the guy, I like what he's trying to.  You know - sharing writing, talking about writing contests, that whole deal.  It's eerily familiar. He's also a fellow competitor having entered Dr. Yoeman's Writing Village Contests. And I like to know what I am up against.  Lastly, he brings a love of rock and roll, a sense of humor, and a flair of fantasy to the table that I find quite enjoyable.

More Reviews!

Second - Speaking of Dr. Yeoman. Last year I completed his "Writer's Village Academy" course.  In the next month or so, I will be posting a review of this experience and answering the question - was it worth it?

More Writing Contests!

Third - Still speaking of Dr. Yeoman.  He's kicked off his latest contest. In case you were wondering, Yeoman does not send me any money.  I do not get any royalties or commissions for plugging his stuff.  I am just a fan.  And the guy does a heck of a job promoting his work.

More Writing Samples!

Fourth - I will be submitting some writing samples that went out the in the past few months. I've maintained a faint writing pulse despite my business.  I've primarily been entering contests for ON THE PREMESIS and WRITER'S WEEKLY 24 HOUR CONTEST.. I also submitted an entry for the latest Speculative Fiction Contest sponsored by the Society of Actuaries.

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