Monday, December 10, 2012

ROBOTS! Fiction Meets Reality

Sometimes real life has the best inspiration for ideas -   I was recently reminded of this with an article on an economics blog.  Be sure to check out all the links on the bottom

I think this technique works for all genres as well.  While Robots are a classic sc-fi element, get creative and think about robots as a central element in:
  • Romance: Jane doesn't know that her steamy Internet chat partner is just algorithms and lines of code,  but perhaps ignorance is bliss?
  • Horror: Think HAL from Space Odyssey 2001, but more urban.  What happens when the traffic cameras start talking with ATM machines and now you start to feeling like somebody, or something is watching you? 
  • Fantasy: Meet Digitix the robotic elf and his quest to overthrow the Evil Warlock Oxide
  • Comedy: Al Go Rythm is a retired casino security bot with a gambling addiction who finds a bunch of other dejected robots behind a run down strip joint.  They group together to form an unlikely entourage with a mission to save the rejected - both human and robots.
  • Historical Fiction - Julius Fellows is an inventor in the industrial revolution, and competition for the next big invention is fierce.  Will his robotic coal miner be the secret to his success or will the threats of sabotage threaten his very life?
  • Young Adult - Jennie loves dolphins, especially Smoke, a dark bottle nose.  But after Smoke is injured he is brought to the Navy to be trained for missions. Jennie is unwilling to see him go, so she enlists in the Navy - will they make it through training?
You get the idea - if any of these prompts have inspired you, feel free to contribute your writing below!

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