Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Recent Readings - April 2012 - Supporting Local Authors

This month, I wanted to take a look at some of the writers in my backyard.  I think that when it comes to reading, aspiring writers may be tempted to look at the classics and the greats.  But truth be told, there are thousands of books on the library shelves between Dickens and Thoreau.   It's way more likely that your success will look more like these shelf fillers than the breakout sensations of JK Rowling or Suzanne Collins. So, from a looking at your own future standpoint, local authors are great ways to see what's immediately within your reach.

There's some other benefits in reading local writers.
1. They are more accessible.  I have been able to shake hands and get these books signed by the writers.
2. I think it's good karma. telling an author you bought their book is a great compliment.  Maybe one they will return one day.
3. It's enjoyable.  When you read about a place you've been or something you know about, you feel like your part of an inside job.

So without further blabbering, here were the books I took on this month.

A Face of Courage: The Tommy Watson Story - How Did He Survive? . By Tommy Watson. A memoir type account of growing up in the slums of Colorado and overcoming the challenges that presented. I found some great insights about the mentality and perspectives of a troubled youth a collegiate athlete and a black man.

Basket Cases.  By Derek Wolden -  A non-fiction work designed to educate parents and coaches involved in youth athletics, specifically basketball.  There's some great humor here, as Derek approaches a subject that needs to be confronted.

Desert High.  By Doug Van Pelt.  This one isn't a Minnesota author, but I went to the same school in California., and have been a subscriber to HM Magazine for years. The story is about a guy who goes back in time to alter the outcome of a controversial football game.

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