Monday, March 19, 2012

100 Words or Fewer Contest 9

I entered this writing contest because I am starting to love short/flash fiction. My plan was to check out their evaluation services on the next iteration.  Unfortunately, they are ending the contest with number ten. I'll have to look for another contest to evaluate then.

There were two theme options for this writing contest - "Eating" or "Uncommon Character"  - I chose eating.  Here is my submission.  Here are the winners.

Tiffany is a tear soaked cacophony of moans, sniffles, and broken breaths.

A box of chocolates lies exposed on the table.

Dana’s in spasms on the floor, as she fails to hold back a tsunami of laughter.

The gold leaf script reads Chocolat Émotionnel.   

Drama unfolds on my tongue. Coconut is caught in a love triangle between bitter and sweet.

 “You ate apathy!”  Tiffany wails, interrupting my mastication. Dana erupts into a fit of chortles and wets her pants.

 I could try to alleviate the plights of my friends, but I don’t really care.


  1. Very solid writing. Entertaining. Thanks. Holly Michael

  2. Hey Holly - I appreciate the praise. I glanced through a few of your blog posts. I'll subscribe in my reader and stop by every now and then!