Monday, December 5, 2011

Website Review - FundsForWriters

Website Review – FundsForWriters

I stumbled across Funds For Writers (FFW) through Writer’s Digest.  It’s quickly proven to be one of my favorite resources.  It has a wealth of information that is conveniently organized and delivered with a personalization that no other site can offer.

Founded by C. Hope Clark, this is more than just a website.  It’s a world of writing opportunity and advice, presented in every web-errific way.

>Website – easy navigation, springboard to opportunity, including her own contest.

>Email  – weekly newsletter that includes advice, personal stories, contest links, and job links.

>Blog – further insight not found in the other places

The biggest value of this site is the email list you can subscribe to (there are actually two, and I subscribe to both).  I am consistently amazed at Clark’s caring yet firm tone as she provides solid advice for any writer.  Maybe it’s the smiling picture she always leads off with that makes her guidance that much more tolerable.  The other thing I appreciate is that the content she provides is different for each platform.  She could easily take the easy way out and repost her email leader on the blog, but she doesn’t.  It’s that level of passion and dedication that transcends FFW and makes it an absolute must for any writer.

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