Sunday, February 14, 2010

RF Moeller Love Letter Contest

RF Moeller, a local jeweler ran an ad for a love letter writing contest.   Here's my tongue in cheek entry.  The winner, which I cannot find, was a love letter written from the perspective of a grandmother to her children.  I wanted to capture the 2009 emotional roller coaster that Minnesota Vikings had as Brett Favre led them to the playoffs, then crushed their dreams.

I still remember the way my heart fluttered when I heard people speak your name
You turned my knees to melted butter when I learned that you actually came

At first I was scared and unsure, not knowing if it would work out
But you were strong and before long I no longer had a doubt

Your strong hands, grizzled face and cozy southern charms
you carried me like a little child, wrapped up in your arms

and every week, my excitement grew to see what surprises you had in store
and every week, it was always you who left me breathless wanting more.

like all loves throughout the ages, we have had our share of ups and downs
but when I googled 'my soul mate', yours was the first name that I found

and even though you've broken my heart, the final chapter isn't written yet
'cause it was worth it, every part, i'd do it all again 4 you, my lovely brett

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