Monday, September 6, 2010

AuthorStand - "North" - Novella Contest

This is my first attempt at a novel.  It is very raw and very green.  The central concept  of this spooky thriller is the idea that your eyes are the windows to the soul.  The villain is a soul stealer and his victims suffer from losing the pupils and color in their eyes.  The protagonist was actually inspired as I tried to brainstorm a character that would appeal to Northwoods Woman magazine reader for their writing contest. I had this image of a bloody, battered woman emerging from the fog, using the last ounce of her strength to row a canoe to shore, with a little girl in the bow.  I had to figure how what her story was.  This is the result.


Here is the winner of this writing contest.  

Part of the contest is a promotional piece.  You need to be able to get people to read and rate your work.  I currently am not focused on this aspect of my writing.  When I'm ready to start actively pushing my work, I'll get back to AuthorStand..

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